Top 5 Launchers For Android in 2020

Do you know why I love Android more than anything? Because it allows me to customized my smartphones the way, I want. 

I believe that it is a privilege to be an Android user. I don’t hate iOS; in fact, I loved my short time with iPhone 5s, but when it comes to customization and versatility, no one can come closer to Android.

The customization in terms of looks and feel, you can change everything here. Today, I will talk about Top 5 Launchers For Android in 2020 that you can use to makeover your Android smartphone.

What is Launcher?

The launcher is an app that gives you an interface to command and operate your smartphones. Let’s take an example of the Helicopter launch pad. Most of the time comes in a fixed dimension, but the shape, color varies maker to maker. 

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Similarly, there are so many companies worldwide, which make Android smartphones, and everyone maintains their design standards. And that is the reason why you will see different looking home screens in Android devices. 

I have never been a fan of those default launcher, so here I bring you the Best Top 5 Launchers For Android.

Top 5 Launchers For Android

Nova Launcher

Top 5 Launchers For Android

Nova Launcher is there for a long time. I am using it since I started using an Android smartphone. I still remember its early versions, and I wouldn’t say I like it. 

It was like a stock Android, but I wasn’t aware of its capabilities because I was using a free version. To able to use its all feature, you need to purchase its Pro version.

It is not expensive, but not everyone purchases a premium version of the launcher unless you fed up with the stock launcher provide by OEM’s.

You have plenty of options to customize. The best thing that I like the most I can change the grid size and increase or decrease as you want.

Lawnchair Launcher

Top 5 Launchers For Android

This Android launcher has changed the way by offering premium features like Nova launcher for free. That makes the Lawnchair Launcher popular amongst the masses.

You get all the major features that you get with the Pro version of Nova launcher. The setting of Lawnchair launcher is easy to understand, unlike the Nova launcher. You can change everything right from icon packs to icon shape. You can also set background for dock etc.

You can be very creative here. With the help of an icon pack, you can turn your Android smartphone into iOS looking one.

Evie Launcher

Top 5 Launchers For Android

Evie Labs Inc takes the whole way forward for Android smartphones. Now day Android smartphones are coming with a decent looking stock launcher thanks to the Google Pixel edition. But a few years back. The situation was different, and the Android smartphone user interface looks outdated when compared side by side with iPhones.

Evie Launcher has changed those perspectives by offering a stunning launcher with an inbuilt search option like iOS. You have Google search to look around your smartphone, but that never really responsive when you search inside your phone. Evie gives you that exact search like a feature you would generally get with the iOS device.

The best part of the launcher is that whatever you are customizing, you can see its preview. That makes things hell lot easy. I found this feature useful. There is no comparison when it comes to customization because all the stuff that you get here is free.

Hyperion Launcher

Top 5 Launchers For Android

This one is the quite latest entrant in an Android launcher. It is highly customizable, like all the launchers mentioned above. The animation and transition are so smooth, which gives the feel of premium smartphone experience and all that comes for free. 

You get separate Animation control where you can adjust the speed of the animation inside the launcher settings. You can also change the app launch animation here. 

The Hyperion launcher also supports the fingerprint app lock, but you need to purchase a premium version of INR 180. 

Go Launcher

Top 5 Launchers For Android

Go launcher was one of the best looking launchers a few years back, and still, it is. The launcher has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. 

I was not so keen to includes Go launcher on this list. But trust me guys all the above launcher except the Nova all are launched in recent times, and those beautiful aesthetics of these launchers introduced by Go launcher. 

Go launcher was the first to introduce different kinds of transition effects in Android launchers. It was also the first to launch rounded corner icons and in those early days of Android Go launcher was the only beautiful looking skin for Android smartphones. 


There are so many launchers are available on Google Play Store. Some offer all the features for free, whereas some offer Pro versions. But in this comparison, I have considered both free and premium launchers.

There are some launchers which are worth mentioning that are as follows.

  • Apus Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • SOLO Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Yandex Launcher
  • ASAP Launcher

These launchers were strong contenders for the top five spots but did not check all my boxes. Picking up one single app from the top would be difficult for me, but I have to go with the one to summarise this article.

Nova launcher is and was my preferable choice until I came across Lawnchair launcher, which offers all the features of Nova Prime for FREE. But then I stumbled upon Evie launcher. 

To choose between Evie and Lawnchair was a tuff task, but I will go with the Evie Launcher for the overall experience. But the amount of customizability I get with Evie is a little better than my point of view. Again it is subjective; you may like different ones and have the comment box below to let me know. 

If you think that any other launcher is worth competing in this list, do let me know, I will be more than happy to test it and if I found it worth fighting. I will include it for sure. 

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