The Best Photo Editing Apps For Android in 2020

To stand out from the rest of the crowd, we need to look good, and for that, we tried so many things. We dress ourselves well, and we do nice-looking hairstyles etc. That same thing goes with the photos we took.

Thanks to the smartphone manufacturer that we all have become photographers. We took a lot of photos using our smartphone.

All the latest smartphones are, by default, enhanced picture quality when shot. But in many cases you required that little tweak to turn a good photo to a stunning eye-catcher. For that, we need some third-party apps, so that we can play a little bit with our pictures. 

As said earlier, these apps can turn an ordinary looking photo into a professional one. 

Today in this article, I will be sharing with you some of the best apps that you can use to enhance the images taken from your smartphones. So without a further due, let’s dig into it.

1) Snapseed

The Snapseed is the Google app and offers everything for free. I have been using it since its launch, and it works really. It is one of those apps that I install first when using new smartphones. 

The App UI is very clean, and you get the easiest to use controls as compared to its counterparts. Though the controls are a bit difficult to understand for the new users, once you get to know, you will find it super easy.

You get Double Exposure, HDR, Healing, Perspective like many amazing tools. Double exposure is one of my favourite features in Snapseed. 

2) PicsArt

It is one of the most versatile apps when it comes to photo editing and it’s right up there with Snapseed. PicsArt is loaded with so many features that make the UI a bit cluttered for my taste.

You can create Grid, Frames images, or you can freestyle anything you like, and that is the reason why this app is most popular amongst graphics creators.

Rightly so, because the paid version of PicsArt offers features that will blow your mind. It cost INR 199 monthly if you subscribed for yearly then it will cost you INR 1199. 

3) Adobe Lightroom

It is impossible to complete any topic related to editing without mentioning Adobe. We all know that Adobe is the best when it comes to any editing. 

As the name suggests, it is the best app to adjust the lights of the image. You can turn a dull looking photo into a photographer masterpiece. 

You get so many colour features here. But the only thing I don’t like here is its UI. It’s simple for many, but somehow I always find it a bit difficult to operate. So if you are new, then I would recommend you to watch basic tutorial videos, to get going.

4) Pixlr

It is again a widely used photo editor on smartphones. In Pixlr you will get more than 2 million combinations of free effects, filters and overlays to edit photos. You also get features like double exposure, a poster, pencil drawing images, etc.

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The best part about the Pixlr is almost all these features you get for free. This app is not just restricted to your smartphones. It gives you full fledged experience if you are using a desktop or laptop. 


Many people don’t know about the VSCO but trust me this is one of the best, but the only reason why this app featured down the list. It is because of its paid features. Hence many users try to avoid this app. 

But if you are a photographer and need pro-level editing, then you must try VSCO. It will be worth each penny you pay. But if you edit your photos once in a while, then you should skip this one.

So, that is what it is for the best photo editing apps for Android. There are so many apps that edit photos, but I have not included them here, to reduce the length of the article. Also, all those apps will give you the same features as these apps. 

There are other apps worth mentioning here that are not included in this list. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Prisma, Vimage, Aviary, Fotor, Photo Director, to name a few. 

The Google Play Store flooded with so many great photo editors, but these are the most popular and best of the best you can get. So if you think that any app deserved to be in this list, do let us know in the comment section below.

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