The Best Alternative for Photoshop: PIXLR

Adobe Photoshop has been the way to go for the many professional photo editors for so long. No one competes Adobe when it comes to graphic designs.

Adobe Photoshop offers lots of amazing features which can not be matched by its counterparts. You will hardly see any software that could compete with Photoshop when removing the background or editing photos.

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The biggest hurdle for any newcomer who wants to take the advantages of the features Photoshops offers is the price of the software. It is costly if you do not have the money to buy it.

In recent time there is an exponential growth in YouTube as well as Social media campaigns by young YouTubers and Bloggers, to create content using the Adobe Photoshop.

But as I said earlier, the price of Photoshop can not be afforded by the young and especially newcomers. So these people look for the alternatives of the photoshop. 

If you search on a Google, you might get a few alternatives of Photoshop, but I believe no one match to its class. What if I tell there is a web-based application which is like a clone to the Photoshop and it offers everything for FREE.

Yes, you heard it right. By the time you read the title, you know what I am talking about is PIXLR. You might have used it on your smartphone. But do you see this app gives you full-pledge desktop experience like Adobe Photoshop when you open its online editor?

If you haven’t? Then click right here and check out of yourself first and then resume reading this article.

The best thing about the PIXLR is that you can use its premium features for free by watching Ads. And you can use it in your browser, that means you can access it anytime from anywhere. But the only thing required is the working internet connection. 

PIXLR is the online photo editor and won’t work offline like Photoshop. But who cares that, we have an internet connection everywhere, so that will not bother you using the PIXLR.

PIXLR is developers split this application into two different editors; the one is PIXLR E and PIXLR X. Both the editor does the same thing. The PIXLR X gives a minimalistic experience which is suitable for the one who does not have PRO-level skill can easily edit inside the PIXLR X.

PIXLR E the editor I am considering as the alternative for the Adobe Photoshop. The PIXLR E is the one for experts. 

Now let’s check out the both of them separately. 


pixlr x

Like I said earlier in this article, PIXLR is the basic one. If you only want to edit photos or any web banner, blog image, etc., you can easily create it by using the PIXLR X editor. 

PIXLR is the new editor that minimised the user interface and focused on the most important thing that is adding an image, cropping, changing colour tone, text etc.

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pixlr e

PIXLR E offers you more expert level feature. Once you open the editor, you will see the Adobe Photoshop-like user interface. That is why in the earlier part of this article, I use the word ‘Clone’.

Why I considered this as the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop is its ability to mix the images using eraser tool like the way you can do it inside Adobe Photoshop.

Unlike Photoshop, you get here plenty of options from its library of stickers, shapes, elements and free stock images. So you don’t have to look anywhere or search in Google for that matter. 

You can always upload images as per your preference. So if you have a Photoshop file, you can edit it here in the PIXLR. It can open all the major file format form PSD, PXD, PNG, JPEG, SVG, WebP, and more.

If you are looking for the alternative of the Photoshop PIXLR is worth checking. 

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