How to Create Good Morning & Good Night Images on Android

Good Morning and Good Morning images are one of the hot searches on Google. Every day in the morning, people search for good morning pictures or good morning images. The same thing they follow before going to bed. 

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So why would you require to create good morning and good night images.?

Wishing a good morning or night greetings to our loved one can give them a moment of joy and lovely feeling. 

So every time people depend on Google or the website like us to get good morning and good night images. Therefore, today in this article, I will be showing you to create these images using your Android smartphones.

First of all, let’s check what is the minimum requirement to create images-

  • Android Smartphone/Tablet
  • Pixel Lab App
  • Images
  • Logo (Optional)

The first and essential requirement is to have an Android Smartphone or Tablet. Having a large screen smartphone would ideal because when you edit a small element, things can get tricky. The preferred size of the screen is 6 inches or more. If you got the stylus, then it will be straightforward to move elements on the canvas.

Now, let’s go to the Google Play Store and download the Pixel Lab app. There are so many other apps that are available in the Google Play Store. Which can create equally good looking images, but most of them are paid for premium features. 

You can do only basic stuff in other apps, but that is not the case with Pixel Lab. I called it Photoshop of Android because literally, you do everything in this app. But today, in this app, I will not go in detail. We will only see the required features.

The second thing why I choose this app is its price. It has some paid features in it, but you don’t need those. You can create high-end graphics on this application for free. So that is why I recommend this app to you.

There will be no watermark or any restriction while exporting an image. I can choose two of the most common image extensions, i.e., JPEG and PNG.

Once you download the app, you required images to use as a background image. You can also use your camera picture if you think it decent pictures to use as a background. 

10 Tips for using Camera Photo from your smartphone.

  1. Breakfast Photos
  2. Tea Cup Photos
  3. Sunrise Photos
  4. Newspaper Photos
  5. Sunset Photos
  6. Bed Photos
  7. Night Lamp Photos
  8. Candle Photos
  9. Night Sky Photos
  10. Street Light Photos

You can take the above types of pictures using your smartphone and can use them as the background for the good morning and good night images in Pixel Lab app.

If you are not a smartphone photographer or you, don’t want these types of images. You can check the following free stock images website to get pictures for your image background.

The Best Free Stock Images Websites

  • Pixabay
  • Pexel
  • Unsplash
  • Stocksnap
  • Free Images

You can always use the Google Image search option to get images. 

Why should one use Free Stock Images?

A using a free stock images website gives you royalty-free images. And nobody will claim them. You also get high-quality images that you need to look for in the Google search engine. 

Because Google search will show you all the pictures related to your search queries. Hence that will consume a lot of time. 

How to Create Images using Pixel Lab?

Once you have done with minimum requirements, open the Pixel Lab app from your app tray or menu. 

After opening the app, you straight away will land in editing canvas, where you will see the following screen.

Here you will see a default background is already applied. We will remove that by going to the icon at the very bottom of the app, that looks like two square boxes.

Then you will see the horizontal bar above that icon will change. Now transparent option if you want a transparent screen. If you do not wish to remove that, you may tap on the image option to set as a background. 

By tapping on the Plus (+) on top of the app screen, you can add layers to the canvas. Mostly we will be using Text element as we have an image background. After adding the text to the image. The next thing is to decorate the heading by going to the “A” panel at the bottom.

Where you will get tons of varieties to decorate the text, first is the ‘Font‘ option. You have various fonts to choose from. 

You can add Shadow, Stroke, Inner Shadow, Emboss, etc. Along with that, you can make 3D text and 3D Rotate. Plenty of options like a PRO tool you will get here.

Once you finished editing, go to the three verticle dots at the top right and select ‘export image.’ Where you can either select PNG or JPEG depend on whether you have used background or not.

You can also add emoji’s using your smartphone keyboard, or you can download some stickers or clipart from Google. By doing so, your image will be more attractive. 

So, that sums up here. I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us in the comment box below. Meanwhile, you can always find us on all the social networking sites. 

Before closing this tab, make sure to check out our fantastic collection of Good Night and Good Morning images.

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