How to Change The Background in Photos Using Photoshop

Photoshop can change the ordinary looking photo into a cinematic poster by changing the background of the picture. Today in this article, I will be guiding you about How to Change the Background in Photos.

Adobe Photoshop is the way to go for many professional photographers and graphics editors when it comes to editing of the image. 

Changing the background of the photos can make a whole lot of difference to the image. 

There is quite a handy option in the market to change background of the photos. You can also use apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to remove the background of the image, but no one does it better than Adobe Photoshop.

I will be using Adobe Photoshop to show you How to Change Background in Photos.

Things to note to remove the background of the photos with ease.

  1. Try shooting a photo with a plain background.
  2. Use of a bright light

If you don’t know where to find quality stock images: Click here.

Photoshop gives you four different tools to remove image background. You get as many as four main tools to remove the background of the images. Inside those four tools, you will get 13 sub tools to precisely remove the image background. 

Now it’s up to you which tools you find more useful and easy to use, or you can use these tools in combination with each other to erase image background. 

Now let’s dive into the actual process to Change the background in photos. I am assuming you have taken the picture to remove the background as well as the new background image. 

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Use These Tools to Erase the Image Background

  1. Lasso To
  2. Quick Selection Tool
  3. Eraser Tool
  4. Pen Tool

First, you need to open the picture you want to remove the background in Photoshop. To do that, hover over the ‘File’ menu and click on the ‘Open.’

1 ] Lasso Tool

How to Change Background in Photos Using Photoshop

Lasso Tool is the basic tool to erase or remove image background without having professional skills. The tool is consists of two different sub-tools Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso Tool. 

To remove the background with the Lasso Tool will be difficult if you are using Photoshop on Laptop or Desktop without Graphics Tablet. 

The Lasso Tool allows you to draw a selection line around the object, which will be difficult when using a mouse or trackpad on Laptop.

Polygonal Lasso Tool – 

This tool is useful when you are selecting sharp corner images such as square, rectangular, etc. Therefore you are removing the image background of human, animal, or any other object which has curves; then one should not use Polygonal Lasso Tool. 

Magnetic Lasso Tool – 

It is the easiest to use when you are removing the background of the image. The tool is so smart it automatically detects the edges of the object and draws a selection line around it. 

All you need to do is to hover the mouse over the edges of the object. But your hand needs to be little stabilized; otherwise, it will not be accurate. 

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Magnetic Lasso makes your job super easy but leaves sharper edges, which can be reduced by right click on the selection and then choose Feather > Feather Radius to 1. 

2] Quick Selection Tool

How to Change Background in Photos Using Photoshop

Quick Selection Tool is a relatively new addition to the latest generations of Adobe Photoshop. You will not find this tool if you are using an old Adobe. Photoshop 7.

Quick Selection Tool –

Quick Selection Tool is an AI-based tool that detects the human or animal body with the help of AI technology. All you have to do is cut or copy the selection, and your background will be gone. 

Magic Wand Tool – 

If you are thinking that I might have missed something while explaining the Lasso Tool, then here is the Magic Wand Tool for you. The Magic Wand Tool now clubbed with Quick Selection Tool. 

The Magic Wand Tool works exactly the opposite way to the Quick Selection Tool. Where it select the background of the image, or you can say the same color.

You might be familiar with the Magic Wand Tool. Indeed it works exactly like the Magic Wand. You have click on the plain background; then, it will remove the background like a champ. 

The Magic Wand Tool works flawlessly when there is a single color or plain background, but it struggled when you have a complicated or multi-colored background. 

3] Eraser Tool

You might have used Eraser Tool in the past, but did you know that Eraser Tool now equipped with more AI Tools in the form of Background Eraser Tool and Magic Eraser Tool. 

Background Eraser Tool – 

Background Eraser Tool is again an AI-based tool that erased the background of the image by keeping the focused object intact. It helps when you are removing the background around the haires. 

Magic Eraser Tool – 

The mechanism of the Magic Eraser Tool is quite similar to the Magic Wand Tool, where instead of selecting a single color background, it deletes the image background. 

4] Pen Tool 

You must be wondering why I have included the Pen Tool here. We aren’t going to create the shapes. Then what is the use of the Pen Tool here?

Somewhat you are right, but the Pen Tool lets you draw curved lines better than any other tools in Photoshop. 

When all the background removing tools failed to erase the background, you should use a Pen Tool. This is by far the hardest and time-consuming tool to select the image edges as it depends on manual work. 

But the result you get from the Pen Tool selection is way better than any other tools I have described in this article. 

So if you are looking to remove or change the image background, use the above tools. 

How to Change Background in Photos

Once you are done with removing the background, all you need is to open the image you download from the free stock photos website or any other photos you like. 

The first thing you have to decide is the size of the image, whether you want it for printing, Laptop Wallpaper, or Mobile Wallpaper. 

Go the File and click ‘New’; you will see the following box. Enter the appropriate size. I am considering 1920 as Width, and 1080 as a Height, and the unit will be Pixels — a perfect fit for Full HD Screen Laptop or Desktop. 

Now drag and drop the new background image you have previously opened in photoshop once you adjust the image, drag, and drop the cutout image. 

Adjust the cutout image with respect to the new background image. 

That’s great! You have successfully changed the background of the photo. 

Let me know which tool is your favorite, and you use it the most in the comment section below. 


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