Best Video Editor App for Android

Can you imagine editing a professional video using a smartphone ten years back? I am pretty sure it will be a hell of a job if someone asked you to do so.

The ten years back, Android and iOS were in their early stages, and also the screen sizes of the devices were tiny. 

There wasn’t any need as such to edit videos on a smartphone. Because professionals only did the editing of videos. 

The need for video editing begins on mobile devices when YouTube gain popularity amongst the masses. 

People started knowing about revenue potential by creating a YouTube channel. Many people started their own YouTube channel in quest of online earning.

The significant part about YouTube earning is, you have to publish videos, and for that matter need for video editing apps on smartphones arises.

Video editing is a tricky thing, especially if you are using laptops or desktops. And difficult to get used to it. On the other hand, editing videos on mobile devices is quite simple and easy to use.

Hence the majority of people like to use smartphone apps for editing videos. Editing videos on a smartphone can give the added advantage of editing it on the go.

But are these smartphone apps good enough to produce professional-like videos? I will answer in this article. 

Can I Edit Professional Videos on my Smartphone?

So my answer to this question is emphatical YES. You can edit pro videos using your Android or iOS device in 2020.

Nowadays, the majority of the devices are capable enough to handle video rendering on mobile phones. Also, the screen sizes are large enough compare to the smartphones ten years back. 

Many applications are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to edit videos on the go. Some apps offer it for free, some of them paid.

But the good thing is that even if the app paid, you can edit videos and export them with watermarks. 

If you want to go all the way and edit pro videos, you must have a premium app that will give you all the features. 

So let’s check which are the best apps for video editing on Android smartphones and tablets. 

In this list of best video editing apps, I am not considering the iOS app because I haven’t tested these apps on the Apple devices. 

So the apps which I will be discussing in this article are – 

  1. Kinemaster
  2. Power Director
  3. Adobe Rush
  4. Alight Motion


Over 100 million-plus downloads in the Google Play Store, the Kinemaster is one of the best and my favorite app when it comes to video editing on smartphones.

I have been using Kinemaster as my primary tool to edit videos. 

The interface of the app is straightforward and easy to use. The good thing about the app is you get full control in widescreen mode. Hence editing small details on this app is quite easy.

You can edit videos up to 4k with 60 fps. Also, their store for various elements gives plenty of options to choose from their marketplace. 

If you are a pro editor, you get chroma key and keyframe options. In newly updated Kinemster, you get full-color grading, and you can play with the shades of the frame.

Power Director

Power Director from Cyberlink Corp dominated smartphone video editing for quite some time with its feature-rich app. The app has rated 4.4 in Google Play Store and has more than 50 Million downloads. 

The app is not as quite popular as Kinemaster, which has more than double download than Power Director. But the feature and capability of editing pro-level videos are unmatched. 

Like Kinemaster Power Director is fully loaded with features. It offers some of the features like skin smoothening, and video masking are missing in other video editing app.

In this app as well you can export videos up to 4k resolution. The Power Director is a paid app, and for all its features, you need to upgrade to a premium version. 

Adobe Rush

Adobe was dominating the video editing front on bigger screen windows and mac for many years. But they were never in contention of video editing on smartphones, until the introduction of Adobe Rush

On Laptop and Desktop, Adobe has a solution for every graphical and editing need, but that never the case with small screen devices. 

But the inclusion of Adobe Rush has changed the Adobe fortune in the small screen industry. Adobe Rush is a full-fledged video editor from Adobe.

The best thing about the Adobe Rush, which you will not find any other app is cloud support. For instance, if you are working on one project on your PC and for some reason, you go out, you can access the same file using your application and continue editing where you have left it in the PC. 

Unlike the above two applications, Adobe Rush comes with the verticle user interface, which comes in handy when you edit with multiple layers. 

The only downside of the verticle user interface, you get a considerably smaller video preview. Some people find it useful, some not. 

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is again a powerful video editor for a smartphone with most of the focus is creating a motion graphics along with video editing. It gets the verticle user interface like Adobe Rush

Alight Motion is the cheapest amongst all the app on this list. And you should give it a try at the free version first. 

Even the app user interface is quite simple, and it is hard to get used to it. Sometimes it gets confused about the features it offers. 

But you get a complete tutorial inside the app, and I would recommend you to watch its tutorial videos first; otherwise, you won’t understand it’s capabilities. 

There are other apps in Play Store like Filmora, Vlogit, Story Cut, etc. that offers excellent features like Alight Motion. Still, the reason why I include this app above all is its capability to create or draw vectors inside the app.


All four apps in this list are top-notched and worth using as a primary video editor for your YouTube video. If I have to pick one out of it, I will go for Kinemaster for its easy to use interface. 

But that again, my personal choice, Kinemaster, served all my purpose, and hence I find it useful, that may not be your case. 

If you are new to video editing, you will get used to Kinemaster quickly than any other apps on this list.

So, what do you think about these apps, do let me know your pick of this list of Best Video Editor App Download for Android in the comment section below. 

And if you think I have missed any other video editing app that worth considering in this list, do let me know. 

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