Best Editing Apps On Android 2020

If I tell you, you can create a Banner, Flyer, Business Card, Brochure, etc. on your Android smartphones, will you trust me? You might believe considering the capabilities of todays smartphones.

But you might not have thought of editing this stuff on your smartphones. Instead, you will still believe that Laptops or computers are the only way when it comes to editing banner, flyers, YouTube Thumbnail & Channel Arts, Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, Instagram Post.  

Many applications are available on the Play Store to generate this digital media content. But I am not interested that, instead, I would love to do stuff of my own, and I don’t want to be a copy cat of anyone. 

So, I like to create my custom digital content for my social media handles. I have been using a laptop or desktop as my preferred choice up till now.

But when I came across a few apps on Google Play Store, my perspective of editing this digital media content using Android smartphone has changed.

If you are like mem who wants to create his/her digital content and you enjoyed it doing so, then this article is for you. 

Otherwise, you can close this tab and keep doing what you have been doing regularly. That is copying someone else work and do fill in the blanks.

When I realized that, there are some applications on Google Play Store that are only for digital editing content. 

Then I decided to give a shot at it, and I was thoroughly impressed with one app. That leads me to look for similar apps. 

Today, in this article, I will put all these apps together to find out the best Android editing apps for your smartphone.

People often get confused when we say editing! And they tend to believe that it is a photo or video editing we are talking about. 

But as I said earlier that we are talking about creating digital content other than camera photos and videos, which can use as a brand promotion purpose.

Quick Look at the Best Editing Apps on Android

  • Pixel Lab
  • PosterShop
  • Flyer Maker free ad watch
  • A-z Poster Maker

1 Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is one of the most reliable when it comes to editing on Android smartphones. First launch in 2014 the app User Interface that looks outdated when compared to other apps in this list

Though the app is very old and doesn’t provide the designing elements like other apps, it still makes the way to the best editing apps on Android. 

Pixel Lab - Best Editing Apps On Android 2020

But what it offers for free is unmatched. You don’t get the fancy layout here, nor you get attractive background preset. 

You do get some default templet, but that too looks old. But the feature which you get in this app will blow away your mind. 

All you have to do is to be creative, and you can make pro artwork here. You won’t get those annoying ads while editing in the app. You only get one ad when you export your artwork.

Take a look at some of my YouTube thumbnail I created using the Pixel Lab. 

2 PosterShop by Tar7ah

PosterShop is like the modern version of the Pixel Lab. It offers a similar experience like Pixel Lab but lacks a few key features such as 3D text. 

You should give a try at this because, unlike the Pixel Lab, it has decent looking templates that you can use to create good looking artwork.

poster shop - Best Editing Apps On Android 2020

3 Flyer Maker

You will get a handful of apps by the same name. Rated 4.7 in the Play Store and has more than 1M downloads the apps offer a fantastic experience of editing on the smartphones.

You get tons of elements to use for editing; all you have to watch the ads whenever you used them pro items. You can create stunning artworks here.

Flyer Maker - Best Editing Apps On Android 2020

If you are happy to watch the ads, then this app works great for you. I will rate this app very high on the best editing apps on Android just because of what offers. 

If I get all the stuff in this app for just watching the ads, then I don’t mind it at all. 

4 A-Z Poster Maker

A-Z is another app in this list that lets you create professional graphics for your social media. The app is rated 4.6 in the Google Play Store and has more than 1 Lac downloads.

You get a lot of free templates here. You can create flyers, business cards, Instagram posts, and other digital media content on this app. 

Poster Maker - Best Editing Apps On Android 2020

You get pre-defined sizes for all the social media but the only problem which I faced, it was showing error message while I was opening the pre-defined templates.

The app works fine when you select a custom size option. But the only thing that will bother you is the ads you get in between your selection.

For instance, if you select the artboard size, you have to watch the ad to get through to the next step. But the app qualifies for the best editing apps on Android. 


All the apps that are featured on this list are excellent. You can create a pro-level of graphics editing on these apps, provided you have some designing knowledge.

I would rate all these apps as the best editing apps on Android. But the one I like the most is the Pixel Lab. The app is like Adobe Photoshop to me when it comes to editing on smartphones.

I know some apps like Flyer Maker are right up there with the feature, but considering the ease of use, frequent ads force me to go with Pixel Lab.

But if you don’t know about the designing and rely heavily on the pre-designed templates from the apps, then you should consider Flyer Maker.

Let me know your favorite app on this list or if you think any other app is better than what I have considered in this article. Do let me know in the comment section below.

I will be more than happy to test it along with these apps and to update the list.

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