10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Have you ever imagine a design without an image? Imagine a heading of the design “What a wonderful Car” or a food design with the title “It’s Yummy.” There is no car and food image on respectively.

If this was the case, will those designs ever convey the message for it is designed? 

No, the design will never complete without an image. Hence images or photos for that matter are an integral part of any designs. 

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To use quality photos, you need to hire a professional photographer. But hiring a photographer is cost incurring, and it’s not affordable. 

Not everyone can hire a photographer for their designs. Sometimes it is not worth hiring a photographer for a small amount of work like digital content where you will be creating banners and posts.


That wasn’t easy a few years back, but now you have plenty of options on the internet that offer free stock photos. 

Those photos or images you can use for commercial or personal use without attributing an owner. 

The best thing about these websites they offer it for free!

For those enthusiasts who loved using photos in their designs, I have curated a list of some fantastic websites which offer free stock photos.


As I said earlier, many websites offer free stock photos under Creative Commons Public Domain. That means it can use as copyright free. 

And, you can use, modify, distribute it for commercial as well as personal use. But, some photos or images need attribution. 

Every website will mention the copyrights of the photos when you click on them. So, always make sure to keep an eye on this as well. 

So, let’s dive into the best stock photo websites for your beautiful designs without any further due.

Best Free Stock Photos Websites in 2020


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Pixabay, incorporated in 2010, is one of the popular and widely use free stock photo websites worldwide. Hans Braxmeier and Steinberger founded the site. 

Pixabay is my personal favorite, and I have been using it for quite some time. If you are looking for top quality photos, then you must check out. 

Pixabay not just limited for photos; you will also find videos, illustrations, vectors, and music for free. 

Having more than 1.46 Million daily visitors, Pixabay is the most visited website when it comes to free stock photos.


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Pexels is again on of the leading website when it comes to free stock photos. No matter what you are designing, Pexels is there for every need of yours. 

You get high-quality photos and videos under the license of Creative Commons Zero (CC0). 


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Unsplash is one of the most popular websites when you think of free stock photos. The site designed so well that you get plenty of stuff on the screen and don’t have to look around for favorite categories.

The daily visits on Unsplash are more than 1.2 Million. That will tell its popularity amongst free stock photo users. The Unsplash ranked 315 globally. 


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

You don’t often see StockSnap.io when you search for free stock photos online, but the site has gained decent popularity among the free stock users. 

The user interface is much like other top websites on this list. If you did not find what you are looking for on another website, then StockSnap.io is worth checking out. 


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Unlike PixabayPexelsUnsplashFreeStocks.org is not as popular as them. Also, the user interface is quite simple But will indeed serve the purpose of free stock photos. 


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Burst by Shopify is one of the most beautifully designed websites, with all the categories displayed with large thumbnails.

What makes Burst stand out from the rest is that it gives you business ideas to work with then to sell product or services through Shopify.


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Until now, we have seen free stock photos, but what if you are looking for food images, then FoodiesFeed is ultimate free food stock photo website. 

You get a wide variety of food photos for free with access to more than 1500 food photos. 

If you haven’t heard about FoodiesFeed yet, go and check out this fantastic website for food photos.


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Picography is one of the youngest and three-year-old free stock photo websites. All the photos on Picography licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). 

The best thing about Picography is that you get one month free trial of Shutterstock.


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Reshot goes one step ahead to provide handpicked, non-stocky images for free. The Reshot’s main aim is to provide the best stock photos for start-ups and emerging content creators.


10 Amazing Websites With Free Stock Photos in 2020

Life of Pix is again the best free stock photos website you can get in 2020. You get some awesome looking Ariel view photos to use in your design project.

Life of Pix also has a sister website for videos by the name of Life of Vids. 


The numbering you see in this list doesn’t necessarily mean the ranking here, but one website is certainly worth considering for top spot. 

The numbering I used to make reading simple and easy to understand. But if I have to pick one from this list as the number one free stock photo website. 

Then my obvious choice would be Pixabay, followed Unsplash, and Pexels. Pixabay is versatile amongst all. 

But you are not limited to these ten websites. There are quite a few more websites you can check out yourself. 

To name a few, Gratisography, Foca, Little Visuals, Picjumbo, Skittter Photo, Kaboom Pics, Picsspree, Jay Mantri, StyledStock, ISO Republic,

The one website deserved the more credits is the New Old Stock, where you will find the old photos for free. The only reason not to feature this in the main list is that it’s a niche-specific and doesn’t require daily. 

It’s not because of the number of daily visitors I rated Pixabay as the best site for a free stock photo; This is my experience of using it for the past few years.

Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to mention it in the comment section below, and also tell me which site you got to know after reading this article.

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