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When are about to end a day and wait for a new start, the night has to pass by us first.

We might recollect the things we did the whole day or we might get lost in the lovely thoughts of someone or some thoughts might pop up even when we don’t want. The night is the magical and powerful time that God has given to the universe to make things get normal.

No matter how much you are excited for the next day but it never comes until the night has gone. The night is the inseparable part of life.

As the body and mind demand the much-needed relaxation time, it also gets prepared to absorb more energy. Someone might expect the night to end fast and someone might expect the night to belong as eternity. Some might see the fortunes turn around and might get mighty strong with the thoughts.

The night is the only time where our body recovers fast from medical illness. The night is the time when we can have undisturbed time dedicated to the mind, body, and soul.

Night always has a very special place in Hindu Mythological values. It also inspired the various religions around the world. Many great poets and writers have used the night as the medium to canvas their thoughts and feelings in the books. These narrations and contributions still inspire millions of people around the planet. The night has the beauty that the majority of humans terribly failed to recognize and appreciate. The simplest example is how best friends always want to spend a night together or the two in love would like to be awake the whole night talking about their feelings or thoughts they have in their mind.

Night has been playing a very important role in astrology and its still used for numerous other things that hind life to its current life form.

The power of night can be seen when we wet the seeds with water and wait for night and we see a sprout germinating out of the seed. You call it magic or the power of the night, it puts the life into action.

It is said that the most hated or most loved person will always come in your thoughts before sleeping. Hence good night is the way of telling the person that you remember than before u get lost in the dreams.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Good Night always.

Good Night Images for friends is the best good night images collection to share with your friend. Friends are the best part of our life and we do need them for everything. We share good, bad, almost everything with them. They are like to the world.

In every crisis situation the friends are always stood by our side. They always help us in every condition. Therefore we need to wish them every time and show them their importance in our life.

To share our love to them is by sharing some good quality wishing images before going to the bed. Our collection of good night images for friend will help you to share that love with them.

We hope you have like our good night images for friend collection an you will definitely share this with your friends. If you have any suggestion or feedback, do let us know in the comment box below and share your love to us by share this post. Thank You!

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