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The word Good Night can bring a huge smile on the face of the person you wish. Good Night is a simple term but when you say this to greet someone it gives immense pleasure to both giver and receiver.

Wishing anyone Good Night in todays world it quite easy. Remembered those old day when we were a kid and at night we used to say Good Night to our siblings and Mother and Father and at most Uncle – Aunt or Grandma – Grandpa if residing in the same house.

We were only restricted to these people to wish them a Good Night while going to a bed. We do have telephones at that time but calling someone at night just to wish them a good sleep wasn’t feasible.

Our life was very limited in those days and restricted around the people living around us. The word was connected with Telephones, but the same was very expensive during our childhood days.

The internet of things were just started to raise its neck, but it was only affordable by corporate companies or rich people. Therefore it was very very difficult to wish near and dear ones at night. We were only able to wish someone if we encountered in a telephonic conversation with someone after the eve.

After internet of things got everyone attention and people started using the internet. Even the Telephones were in use for centuries, it was the internet of things which actually brought the world together.

After the internet gain popularity amongst the home user the socialism starts across the boundaries. The Desktop computer were installed on almost in every home. The new generation quickly adopt to this the social wave started on the internet of things.

The Birth of Instant Messaging

The first medium was to connect anyone remotely that was the E-Mail, but considering the involvement of the the parties and its nature of working E-Mail wasn’t the mainstream to connect people socially. Then there was a instant messenger trends come and people started to chatting with someone online who was miles away from them.

These instant messaging websites got so much of popularity all over the world. AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger was the mainstream media for people to chat online. After we seen the birth of dedicated social media platforms.

What was there before Facebook?

If you are thinking Facebook was the first social media website then your wrong. The first social media website was Six Degrees which was formed in the year 1997. It was the first truly social media website which allowed users to upload their own photos as their profile pictures and other personal information to share with their friends and more importantly to make friends online.

Then Orkut, Myspace , Hi5 were dominating the social media platforms on the internet. Orkut was quite popular amongst Indian users while Myspace was the number one social website in mid of the twenty first century decade. Hi5 was the second largest website in social media network.

After all these, then true world changing social platform was launched and it was called Facebook. It breaks all the records and become the number one social network website. Overall the Facebook website currently ranked at the Seventh place in the world.

It was the Facebook who brought us together the thing of wishing our near and dear one started taking place on the internet. Using Facebook people started to wish Good Night and Good Morning wishes to everyone they know.

Then WhatsApp continue this trend and people started using WhatsApp to stay connected with their connection and the demand for wishing images was actually increases when WhatsApp gained the popularity.

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